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FOUR Weeks To Go

  1. File a change of address form with the post office
  2. Notify creditors and subscription services of your new address
  3. Research doctors and dentists in your new location
  4. Set aside items to be sold or donated, have a garage sale
  5. Arrange time off at work
  6. Buy moving supplies like boxes and tape
  7. Inventory your items, assign a value to them
  8. Arrange utility services to be turned on/off at your new and old home
  9. Notify your child’s school of your impending move

THREE Weeks To Go

  1. Make a list of important names and phone numbers you’ll want to remember
  2. Make a plan for moving pets and plants
  3. Make arrangements with your bank, including moving your safe deposit box
  4. Review your home insurance to see if moving is covered
  5. Transfer your insurance to cover your new home

TWO Weeks To Go

  1. If shipping a vehicle, clean it out and have fluids topped off
  2. Start packing
  3. Make travel arrangements
  4. Arrange for appliance servicing
  5. Dispose of hazardous/flammable items like gasoline, bleach, and aerosol cans
  6. Discontinue newspaper delivery, trash pick-up, lawn service, etc…

ONE Week To Go

  1. Arrange for driver payment at your destination
  2. Set aside valuables and personal items that will travel with you
  3. Drain fuel from gas-powered equipment like lawn mowers


  1. Set aside a specific move-in box full of the items you’ll need immediately at your new home. This contains items like towels, paper plates, and a vacuum cleaner
  2. Make sure everything is packed
  3. Have important documents related to the move ready
  4. Defrost and clean your refrigerator


  1. Plan to be at the home when movers arrive
  2. Your driver will have a Utility Parts Box to ensure all loose parts are together and easy to access at destination
  3. Take a final walk-through of your home to make sure nothing has been overlooked
  4. Sign the Bill of Lading, clearing your valuation protection coverage and double-checking that your new address and phone numbers are correct


  1. Try to arrive early to verify that utilities are connected
  2. Be ready to provide payment to the driver
  3. Unpack and get settled in your new home